Community Building

Community Building Committee

  • Coordinates opportunities for making connections across IAIFI, including sharing research, networking, and facilitating random connections
  • Led by Mike Williams (Interim Community Building Coordinator), Demba Ba (Foundational AI Research Coordinator), Phil Harris (Physics Experiment Research Coordinator), and Phiala Shanahan (Physics Theory Research Coordinator)
  • Current Members: Mike Williams (Interim Chair), Mehmet Demirtas, Ouail Kitouni, Niklas Nolte, Sona Najafi, Marisa LaFleur (Project Manager), Comfort Asumadu
  • The Committee is currently open to additional members
  • Email IAIFI Management if you are interested in volunteering

Speaker Selection Committee

IAIFI Discussion Seminars

The IAIFI Discussion Seminars kicked off on February 11, 2021 and has continued as a biweekly series during the academic year. Discussion seminars are open to IAIFI members and continue to be held virtually over Zoom.

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  • Year 1 Speaker Selection Committee: Max Tegmark, Jim Halverson (Colloquium Organizer), Lisa Barsotti (Seminar Organizer)
  • Year 2 Speaker Selection Committee: Jim Halverson (Fall Colloquium Organizer), Cora Dvorkin (Spring Colloquium Organizer), Demba Ba (Seminar Organizer), Dan Roberts, Arkopal Dutt, Di Luo, Nayantara Mudur

IAIFI Journal Club

The IAIFI Journal Club was founded in November 2020. It is open to IAIFI members and meets every other week during the academic year. It provides junior members with an opportunity to share their research, especially with other junior members, in a relatively informal setting, fostering community and cross-disciplinary interaction.