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IAIFI thrives on the energy and enthusiasm of its members! If you are currently an IAIFI member and would like to get more involved in IAIFI-related activities, browse this page for opportunities that interest you.

If you are not currently an IAIFI member, visit the Get Involved page to find out about opportunities to join us.

Unless otherwise noted, the opportunities listed on this page are available to all IAIFI members, including Senior Investigators, Junior Investigators, IAIFI Affiliates, and Friends of IAIFI.

Join an IAIFI Committee

Community Building Committee

  • Coordinates opportunities for making connections across IAIFI, including sharing research, networking, and facilitating random connections
  • Led by Max Tegmark (Community Building Coordinator), Demba Ba (Foundational AI Research Coordinator), Phil Harris (Physics Experiment Research Coordinator), and Phiala Shanahan (Physics Theory Research Coordinator)
  • We are currently looking for volunteers for this Committee
  • Email IAIFI Management if you are interested in volunteering

Early Career and Equity Committee

  • Serves as an advisory body to the IAIFI Management on aspects related to early career researchers and diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as to oversee the well-being and working environment of all IAIFI members
  • Current Members: Tracy Slatyer (Chair), Edo Berger, Harold Erbin, Katie Fraser, Jasmine Gill, Anindita Maiti, Siddharth Mishra-Sharma, Marisa LaFleur (Project Manager)
  • The Committee will rotate membership in January 2022
  • Email Tracy Slatyer if you’re interested in learning more

PhD Summer School Committee

  • Organizes PhD Summer School and subsequent workshop, aimed at educating PhD students interested in the intersection of AI and Physics, as well as broadening our impact beyond IAIFI members
  • Current Members: Jim Halverson (Chair), Tess Smidt, Anna Golubeva, Jeffrey Lazar, Peter Lu, Dylan Rankin, Marisa LaFleur (Project Manager)
  • The Committee is currently planning the PhD Summer School for Summer 2022
  • Email Jim Halverson if you have ideas or would like to express interest in volunteering for events during the Summer School

Speaker Selection Committee

  • Identifies and invites speakers for our IAIFI Internal Discussion Seminar series and our IAIFI Public Colloquium series
  • Led by Cora Dvorkin (Colloquium organizer) and Demba Ba (Discussion Seminar organizer)
  • Committee members: Dan Roberts, Nayantara Mudur, Di Luo, Arkopal Dutt, Marisa LaFleur (Project Manager)
  • The Committee is currently planning the Spring 2022 series
  • Suggest a speaker for either the Colloquium or Seminar series

MITx Course

  • IAIFI junior members may serve on the teaching team for MIT’s Physics in Data Science class (8.S50), which will be taught over IAP (January 2022) and will be used to help build IAIFI’s first MITx (MIT’s online education platform) course
  • Current IAIFI members on the team: Phil Harris, Ike Chuang, Siddharth Mishra-Sharma, Dylan Rankin, Ouail Kitouni, Tri Nguyen, Duc Hoang, Eric Moreno, Raymond Wynne, Aidan Chambers
  • As part of the team, members are helping to shape the material, potentially teach recitation, and help build the online version of the course
  • Requirements: Completed MIT junior lab or experience in data analysis
  • Email Phil Harris if you’d like to learn more

Lead an IAIFI Journal Club

Attend IAIFI Discussion Seminars and Public Colloquia

Collaborate on IAIFI Research Projects

Share Achievements with IAIFI Management

  • Use the IAIFI (with NSF) logo in talks related to IAIFI: Black; White
  • Share slides advertising public IAIFI opportunities when appropriate: Overview Slide; Resources and Activities Slide
  • Include IAIFI affiliation in papers: The NSF AI Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Fundamental Interactions (Note: There is no address.)
  • Include IAIFI acknowledgment in IAIFI-related papers (required if you are a Junior or Senior Investigator): This work is supported by the National Science Foundation under Cooperative Agreement PHY-2019786 (The NSF AI Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Fundamental Interactions,

Be a Guest in the IAIFI Penthouse

  • If you are an IAIFI member and would like to visit the IAIFI Penthouse (MIT Building 26, 6th floor), we can provide temporary desk space.
  • View available desks and request a space at the internal IAIFI Penthouse page (must be signed into the internal website to access; email IAIFI Management if you are not registered).
  • If you would like to request a permanent desk in the Penthouse, email IAIFI Management with your request and rationale.

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Get Involved Beyond IAIFI

We encourage IAIFI members to be involved in programs and initiatives not affiliated with IAIFI, but which can provide new insights and value to the IAIFI community, including sharing relevant events and best practices. If you have other suggestions for ways the IAIFI community can be involved beyond IAIFI, email IAIFI Management.

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