Get Involved

Thank you for your interest in getting involved with IAIFI! Navigate to the role that best describes you to learn more about ways to interact with IAIFI depending on your career stage and location.

If your situation does not fall into any of the above categories, please contact IAIFI Management.

Senior Researchers in the Boston area

Senior Researchers include faculty members and senior research scientists with PI status. If you are interested in becoming an IAIFI Senior Investigator, you should first apply to become an IAIFI Affiliate.

Apply to be an IAIFI Affiliate

  • Complete the IAIFI Affiliate application form
  • Must be sponsored by an IAIFI Senior Investigator
  • Requires reporting IAIFI-related activities to the NSF
  • Expected to participate in the life of IAIFI, including mentoring, presenting seminars, etc.
  • Invited to IAIFI internal events, including Town Halls, Journal Clubs, Symposia, etc.
  • Affiliate status reviewed annually

Junior Researchers in the Boston Area

Junior Researchers include undergraduate students, graduate students, postdocs, and research scientists without PI status.

Become a Junior Investigator

Become a Friend of IAIFI

  • Complete the Junior Researcher interest form
  • Must be affiliated with one of the IAIFI institutions (MIT, Harvard, Northeastern, Tufts) or another Boston area university
  • No reporting expectations
  • Invited to IAIFI internal events, including Town Halls, Journal Clubs, Symposia, etc.

Prospective Faculty

IAIFI does not have dedicated faculty opportunities, but there are often open faculty positions in IAIFI-affiliated universities.

MIT Center for Theoretical Physics

MIT Physics Division of Experimental Particle and Nuclear Physics

MIT Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)

Harvard University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS)

Tufts University Department of Computer Science

Northeastern University Khoury College of Computer Sciences

Prospective Postdocs

The flagship postdoctoral opportunity in IAIFI is the IAIFI Fellowship program, but there are other postdoctoral opportunities with IAIFI-affiliated researchers.

IAIFI Fellowship

  • Apply to be an IAIFI Fellow
  • Deadline: Mid-September to start the following academic year
  • Three-year appointment to spark interdisciplinary, multi-investigator, multi-subfield collaborations
  • Applicants should have (or be expected to receive by September 1 of the starting year), a PhD in Physics, Statistics, Computer Science, or a related field

Other Postdoc Positions with IAIFI Involvement


Harvard University

Northeastern University

NSF MPS-Ascend Fellowship

Prospective Graduate Students

IAIFI does not have a dedicated PhD program, but PhD students at any of the partner institutions may collaborate with IAIFI researchers to become a Junior Investigator.

MIT Graduate Program in Physics

MIT Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

MIT Summer Research Program

Harvard Graduate Program in Physics

Harvard Graduate Program in Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS)

Northeastern Graduate Program in Physics

Tufts Graduate Program in Physics and Astronomy

Tufts Graduate Program in Computer Science

Prospective Undergraduate Students

IAIFI investigators often have opportunities for undergraduate students to get involved in research through volunteer projects or formal programs.

MIT Summer Research Program

  • Apply to the MIT Summer Research Program
  • Applications open in November for Summer 2022 (June 5 through August 6)
  • This program’s goal is to increase the number of underrepresented minorities and underserved (e.g. low socio-economic background, first generation) students in the research enterprise.

MIT Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program

Researchers or Practitioners in Industry

IAIFI is collaborating with researchers outside of academia to advance research at the intersection of physics and AI.

Apply to be an IAIFI Affiliate

  • Industry researchers in the Boston area are eligible to become IAIFI Affiliates

Contact a Senior Investigator to Collaborate

Discuss Possible Partnerships with IAIFI

  • Contact Todd Zickler, IAIFI Knowledge Transfer Coordinator
  • Partnerships may include:
    • Providing resources for IAIFI use, such as computing tools
    • Asking IAIFI researchers to test new resources
    • Collaborating with IAIFI researchers on specific projects in your industry
    • Inviting IAIFI to speak with your group, or presenting to IAIFI

Researchers Beyond the Boston Area

Official IAIFI affiliation is currently limited to those in the greater Boston Area, though IAIFI researchers participate in worldwide collaborations and many IAIFI events are open to the broader community.

Receive Updates on IAIFI Events and Opportunities

Attend IAIFI Colloquia

Request Letter of Collaboration

  • If you would like to discuss a letter of collaboration from IAIFI for your own proposal, email IAIFI Management, including information about your proposal, how you’d like to partner with IAIFI, and the deadline for your request.