IAIFI Affiliates

To expand the scope of the IAIFI and bring in complementary expertise and perspectives, we are launching an IAIFI Affiliates program. IAIFI Affiliates are expected to participate in the life of the institute (see examples below), and they will have most of the privileges of an IAIFI member. Note that it is possible to collaborate on IAIFI project without becoming an affiliate. In most cases, we will restrict affiliation to researchers in the greater Boston area.

If you are a junior researcher (post-doc, grad student, etc.) working with an IAIFI Senior Investigator, you do not need to apply to become an affiliate. Simply ask your supervisor to request an affiliation directly to the IAIFI Management. If your supervisor is not an IAIFI Senior Investigator, please contact IAIFI Management to explain your situation.

For senior researchers (faculty, industry researcher, etc.), please fill out the form below. Make sure to list an IAIFI Senior Investigator as your nominator. IAIFI affiliations will be reviewed and renewed annually.

IAIFI Affiliates are expected to participate in the life of the institute. Examples of how to get involved include research collaborations, mentoring, developing educational content, teaching classes, lecturing at the IAIFI Summer School, engaging in outreach, hosting summer research students, advertising IAIFI to the broader scientific community, etc.

Optional additional information can be provided below. Feel free to provide a few references, e.g. links to publications (arXiv, journal, etc), software projects, etc. that showcase your work.