IAIFI Member Resources

IAIFI thrives on the energy and enthusiasm of its members! This page includes information and links to resources for IAIFI members. Unless otherwise noted, this includes IAIFI Senior Investigators, Junior Investigators, Affiliates, and Friends of IAIFI.

Unless otherwise noted, the opportunities listed on this page are available to all IAIFI members, including Senior Investigators, Junior Investigators, IAIFI Affiliates, and Friends of IAIFI.

Join an IAIFI Committee

IAIFI has launched several committees, which include both junior and senior members of IAIFI, to help facilitate key IAIFI activities. Visit the Committees page to see what committees are open and what the status is of their membership.

Become an IAIFI Junior Investigator

If you are working with an IAIFI Senior Investigator or Affiliate, they can nominate you to be a Junior Investigator, which provides you with access to additional IAIFI resources (such as computing). You will also be included on the People page of the IAIFI website. Junior Investigator forms must be approved by an IAIFI Senior Investigator, with whom you already have a collaboration.

Complete the form to become an IAIFI Junior Investigator

Lead an IAIFI Journal Club

Attend IAIFI Discussion Seminars, Lightning Talks, and Public Colloquia

Collaborate on IAIFI Research Projects

Utilize IAIFI Computing Resources

  • IAIFI Senior Investigators, Junior Investigators, and Affiliates will have access to dedicated IAIFI computing resources hosted by Harvard Cannon. While we wait for delivery of the IAIFI machines, we have access to available GPUs through Harvard Cannon.
  • Access instructions for the Computing Resources
  • Contact Will Detmold with any questions or issues setting up your account.

Share Achievements with IAIFI Management

Please report IAIFI-related papers, talks, datasets, workshops, and research highlights regularly.

  • Use the IAIFI (with NSF) logo in talks related to IAIFI: Black; White
  • Share slides advertising public IAIFI opportunities when appropriate: Overview Slide; Resources and Activities Slide
  • Include IAIFI affiliation in papers: The NSF AI Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Fundamental Interactions (Note: There is no address.)
  • Include IAIFI acknowledgment in IAIFI-related papers (required if you are a Junior or Senior Investigator): This work is supported by the National Science Foundation under Cooperative Agreement PHY-2019786 (The NSF AI Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Fundamental Interactions, http://iaifi.org/).

Be a Guest in the IAIFI Penthouse

Access the IAIFI Google Drive

Explore Career and PhD Opportunities

Get Involved Beyond IAIFI

We encourage IAIFI members to be involved in programs and initiatives not affiliated with IAIFI, but which can provide new insights and value to the IAIFI community, including sharing relevant events and best practices. If you have other suggestions for ways the IAIFI community can be involved beyond IAIFI, email IAIFI Management.

Ethics and AI

Affinity Groups