The IAIFI Summer Workshop brings together researchers from across Physics and AI for plenary talks, poster sessions, and networking to promote research at the intersection of Physics and AI.

Registration is now open. The registration fee is $200 and includes a Workshop dinner.

Register for the Summer Workshop

  • The 2024 Summer Workshop will be held August 12–16, 2024
  • Location: MIT Media Lab
  • Registration deadline: July 31, 2024

Here’s what attendees at previous IAIFI Summer Workshops had to say about the experience:

Videos of the plenary talks from the 2023 IAIFI Summer Workshop are now available on YouTube.

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The Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Fundamental Interactions (IAIFI) is enabling physics discoveries and advancing foundational AI through the development of novel AI approaches that incorporate first principles, best practices, and domain knowledge from fundamental physics. The goal of the Workshop is to serve as a meeting place to facilitate advances and connections across this growing interdisciplinary field.


*The agenda will be announced in April 2024.


Speakers will be announced as they are confirmed.

Pulkit Agrawal
Assistant Professor, EECS, MIT
Earl Bellinger
Assistant Professor, Department of Astronomy, Yale University
Earl Bellinger
Research Associate, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Carolina Cuesta-Lazaro
Nima Dehmamy
Research Staff Member, IBM Research
Auralee Edelen
Associate Scientist, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Dirk Englund
Associate Professor, MIT
Sebastian Goldt
Assistant Professor, International School of Advanced Studies (SISSA)
Jim Halverson
Associate Professor, Physics, Northeastern
Yonatan Kahn
Assistant Professor, Theoretical Physicist, UIUC
Verena Kain
Scientist, CERN
Laurence Levasseur
Assistant Professor, University of Montreal
Alessandro Lovato
Physicist, Argonne National Laboratory
Mariel Pettee
Chamberlain Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Tilman Plehn
Professor, ITP - Heidelberg University
Matt Schwartz
Professor, Harvard
Maurice Weiler
Deep Learning Researcher, University of Amsterdam
Christoph Weniger
Associate Professor, University of Amsterdam
Kaze Wong
Research Fellow, Flatiron Institute/CCA
Rose Yu
Assistant Professor, UC San Diego department of Computer Science and Engineering.


Coming soon.


  • Who can attend the Summer Workshop? Any researcher working at or interested in the intersection of physics and AI is encouraged to attend the Summer Workshop.
  • What is the cost to attend the Summer Worskhop? The registration fee for the Summer Workshop is 200 USD and includes a welcome dinner, as well as coffee breaks and snacks.
  • If I come to the Summer School, can I also attend the Workshop? Yes! We encourage you to stay for the Workshop and you can stay in the dorms for both events if you choose (at your expense).
  • Will the recordings of the talks be available? We plan to share the talks on our YouTube channel.

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2024 Organizing Committee

  • Fabian Ruehle, Chair (Northeastern University)
  • Demba Ba (Harvard)
  • Alex Gagliano (IAIFI Fellow)
  • Di Luo (IAIFI Fellow)
  • Polina Abratenko (Tufts)
  • Owen Dugan (MIT)
  • Sneh Pandya (Northeastern)
  • Yidi Qi (Northeastern)
  • Manos Theodosis (Harvard)
  • Sokratis Trifinopoulos (MIT)