IAIFI Committees

IAIFI is establishing committees that include a mix of faculty, postdocs, and students to plan and coordinate primary IAIFI activities. Current IAIFI Committees and their details are listed below. If you are interested in joining any of the committees below, email iaifi@mit.edu.


  • Status: Seeking additional members
  • Coordinates the purchase and management of IAIFI computing hardware and identifies and establishes additional computing solutions, as well as facilitates the utilization of computing resources and tools
  • Time commitment: One meeting per month, with some input or information gathering needed between meetings
  • 2022 Computing Committee: Will Detmold (Chair), Siddharth Mishra-Sharma, Andrew Saydjari,
  • Primary Contact: Email Will Detmold (Chair)

Industry Partnership

  • Status: Accepting additional members
  • Establishes and fosters connections with industry partners for mutual benefit through internships, workforce development and recruitment, resource sharing, collaboration, and funding; as well as provides resources and guidance to IAIFI members for career development and exploration.
  • Time Commitment: Expected one-hour meeting per month and time spent developing materials (on volunteer basis)
  • 2022 Industry Partnership Committee: Todd Zickler (Chair), Mike Williams, Sangeon Park, Emmanouil Theodosis, Ge Yang
  • Primary Contact: Email Todd Zickler (Chair)

Public Engagement

  • Status: Seeking additional members
  • Develops educational materials for use in outreach activities, such as classroom visits, and brainstorms opportunities for outreach (including festivals, museum exhibits, etc)
  • Time Commitment: One-hour meeting every 3-4 weeks and time spent developing materials (on volunteer basis)
  • 2022 Public Engagement Committee: Lina Necib (Chair), Brent Nelson, Harold Erbin, Tri Nguyen, Sneh Pandya, Sangeon Park, Sokratis Trifinopolous, Ge Yang, Comfort Asumadu
  • Primary Contact: Email Lina Necib

Community Building

  • Status: Accepting additional members
  • Brainstorms and plans community building events (such as coffee hours, social events, meet-ups, etc.)
  • Time Commitment: One-hour meeting per month and time spent helping with event setup occasionally
  • 2022 Community Building Committee: Matt Schwartz (Chair), Mike Williams, Jessie Micallef, Mehmet Demirtas, Niklas Nolte, Ouail Kitouni, Omar Alterkait, Comfort Asumadu
  • Primary Contact: Email Matt Schwartz

Early Career and Equity

  • Status: Will rotate membership in January 2023
  • View the ECEC expectations
  • Time Commitment: One-hour meeting per month and occasional email discussion
  • 2022 ECEC: Tracy Slatyer (Chair), Edo Berger, Sean Benevedes, Mehmet Demirtas, Anindita Maiti, Rashmish Mishra, Siddharth Mishra-Sharma
  • Primary Contact: Email Tracy Slatyer

Speaker Selection

  • Status: Will rotate membership in Fall 2022
  • Identifies and invites speakers to the IAIFI Seminars and Colloquia and introduces speakers ad needed
  • Time Commitment: One or two two-hour meetings every semester and attendance at talks
  • 2022 Speaker Selection Committee: Cora Dvorkin (Colloquium Organizer), Demba Ba (Seminar Organizer), Dan Roberts, Di Luo, Nayantara Mudur, Arkopal Dutt
  • Primary Contacts: Email Cora Dvorkin or email Demba Ba

Summer School & Workshop

  • Status: Will rotate membership in Fall 2022
  • Plans and coordinates the IAIFI Summer School and Workshop, including identifying and inviting lecturers and plenary speakers, developing the schedule, and reviewing applicants to the Summer School
  • Time Commitment: One two-hour meeting every 2-3 months and time spent helping at the Summer School/Workshop *2022 Summer School and Workshop Committee: Jim Halverson (Chair), Tess Smidt, Anna Golubeva, Jeffrey Lazar, Peter Lu, Dylan Rankin *Primary Contact: Email Jim Halverson


  • Status: Accepting new members
  • Provide feedback on and contribute to both internal and external communications to enhance the reach and impact of IAIFI in both physics and AI communities.
  • Time Commitment: One-hour meeting each month and time spent contributing to communications.
  • 2022 Communications Committee: Pulkit Agrawal (Chair), Jesse Thaler, Anna Golubeva, Cari Cesarotti, Richard Li Primary Contact: Email Pulkit Agrawal

Journal Club Organizers

  • Status: No additional organizers needed at this time, but sign up here to lead a Journal Club
  • Schedules and coordinates the IAIFI Journal Club and introduces Journal Club presenters
  • Time Commitment: One-hour meeting per semester, attendance at Journal Club every 1-2 weeks, and time spent inviting presenters
  • 2022 Journal Club Organizers: Andrew Tan and John Martyn
  • Primary Contact: Email Andrew Tan or email John Martyn