Getting Involved

  • How can I get more involved with IAIFI?
    • If you are already a member of IAIFI: Visit our Committees page for ways to help IAIFI achieve both its research and broader impacts objectives
    • If you are a senior researcher/faculty in the Boston area: Visit our Senior Researchers page.
    • If you are a junior researcher in the Boston area: Visit our Junior Researchers page.
    • If you are a potential industry partner: Visit our Industry Partners page

Visiting IAIFI

  • How can I visit IAIFI as a researcher also interested in AI + Physics? Though the IAIFI is located in the Boston area, we encourage researchers at the intersection of physics and AI to visit us and spend time with IAIFI researchers. If you are interested in organizing a visit (as an individual or group), complete the IAIFI Visitor form.


  • Where can I view highlights of your research and/or activities? You can view current research projects on our Research page and updates on our activities on the Events and Engagement tabs of the website.
  • How can I request a letter of collaboration from IAIFI? If you would like to discuss a letter of collaboration from IAIFI for your own proposal, email IAIFI Management, including information about your proposal, how you’d like to partner with IAIFI, and the deadline for your request.