Past IAIFI Summer Workshops

2022 Summer Workshop

The 2022 IAIFI Summer Workshop brought together researchers from across Physics and AI for two days (August 8–9, 2022) of plenary talks, poster sessions, and networking to promote research at the intersection of Physics and AI. The Workshop followed the IAIFI Summer School.

The first annual Summer Workshop was held hybrid with ~110 in-person attendees from 10 different countries. The Workshop included 82% of the Summer School students who stayed to partake in the Workshop activities.

Workshop Agenda

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Plenary Speakers 2022

IAIFI Investigators/Affiliates in bold

2022 Organizing Committee

  • Jim Halverson, Chair (Northeastern University)
  • Tess Smidt (MIT)
  • Taritree Wongjirad (Tufts)
  • Anna Golubeva (IAIFI Fellow)
  • Dylan Rankin (MIT)
  • Jeffrey Lazar (Harvard)
  • Peter Lu (MIT)