Education and Workforce Development

IAIFI Fellowship Program

Of critical importance to the IAIFI vision is our IAIFI Fellows program, which aims to recruit and train the most talented, promising, and diverse group of researchers at an early stage of their careers. These Fellows will spark vital interdisciplinary, multi-investigator, multi-subfield collaborations. Such collaborations have immense power to generate new ideas and approaches, to facilitate abstracting physics challenges beyond their native domains, and to instill a common language across disciplines. Our program aims to appoint three new postdoctoral IAIFI Fellows each academic year, for a three-year fellowship term each.

  • Learn more about the IAIFI Fellowship program; Applications will open in June of each year

  • Year 1 IAIFI Fellowship Committee: Marin Soljačić (Chair), Pulkit Agrawal, Demba Ba, Cora Dvorkin, Jim Halverson, Phil Harris, Phiala Shanahan

  • Year 2 IAIFI Fellowship Committee: Marin Soljačić (Chair), Pulkit Agrawal, Lisa Barsotti, Daniel Eisenstein, Alexander Rakhlin, Matt Schwartz, Phiala Shanahan

Interdisciplinary PhD Program

Many PhD students in the MIT Physics Department already incorporate probability, statistics, computation, and data analysis into their thesis research. These techniques are becoming increasingly important for both experimental and theoretical physics research, with ever-growing datasets, more sophisticated physics simulations, and cutting-edge machine learning developments. This degree provides essential training for students working with these techniques, as well as facilitates mentoring relationships with SDSC experts outside of Physics.

MITx Course

  • Phil Harris and Ike Chuang are leading the development of a virtual course based on MIT’s Physics in Data Science class (8.S50).
  • IAIFI junior members served on on the teaching team for the course, which was taught over IAP (January 2022) and will be used to help build IAIFI’s first MITx (MIT’s online education platform) course
  • Current IAIFI members on the team: Phil Harris, Ike Chuang, Siddharth Mishra-Sharma, Dylan Rankin, Ouail Kitouni, Tri Nguyen, Duc Hoang, Eric Moreno, Raymond Wynne, Aidan Chambers
  • As part of the team, members are helping to shape the material, potentially teach recitation, and help build the online version of the course
  • Requirements: Completed MIT junior lab or experience in data analysis
  • Email Phil Harris if you’d like to learn more about the course

PhD Summer School

We will hold an in-person PhD Summer School August 1-5, 2022 with some options for virtual participation. Visit the Summer School and Workshop page for details.

  • 2022 PhD Summer School and Workshop Committee: Jim Halverson (Chair), Tess Smidt, Anna Golubeva, Peter Lu, Dylan Rankin