Physics Experiment Research

By developing the field of ab initio AI, the IAIFI is also impacting many experimental applications, e.g., where ab initio principles inform the design of AI methods that are more easily verifiable using well-understood calibration data samples, leading to better quantification of uncertainties. We are working to improve the operations of and enhance the physics potential of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the Laser Interferometer Gravity Wave Observatory (LIGO), and astrophysical experiments relevant for the nascent field of multi-messenger astronomy. Our efforts in ab initio AI for experiment are symbiotic with our work to advance the field of AI itself, particularly with the focus on interpretability and speed. Finally, interpreting experimental results often requires fast model evaluation or simulation; improving these tasks naturally has much in common with our efforts to accelerate or make tractable ab initio physics theory calculations.

Research Highlights

IAIFI Physics Experiment Projects: Interpretable AI for the LHC, Real-Time Processing with AI, Neutrinos Imaging with AI, LIGO Noise Reduction with AI, Accelerating Gravitational Waveform Computations with AI, and Identifying Electromagnetic Counterparts for Multi-Messenger Astrophysics with AI.